Saturday, 14 June 2014

Find the fastest DNS and Boost Internet Speed

Internet speed
How to optimize Internet speed?
Hi, I am going to share an awesome trick which make Internet speed more faster. Don't get stuck with slow Internet connection. I would recommend to use this method, if you live in some countries which are stuck with slow Internet connection such as Myanmar. If you apply only 1 DNS, you will be okay within some minutes. However, you will have to change another DNS again by changing your Wifi (or) LAN settings. If you change a lot by using their settings, you can't change back into your original server.

This is the screenshot before I use this software. After using it, I can sign in through Weebly.

How to get a good Internet connection ?

You need to use a portable software to boost it. This can boost within 3-5 minutes.

First of all, please download DNS Jumper from Don't worry it is freeware
Second, extract the file and Open DnsJumper.exe.

Open Dnsjumper.exe

A box will ask you whether you are going to allow it or not. Click Yes to continue.
Here is DNS Jumper v1.0.5. Actually, the new version for DNS Jumper is 1.0.6. Click Fastest DNS.
DNS Jumper
This is DNS Jumper v1.0.5.
Choose your favorite DNS Server Name and click Find Fastest DNS.
Fastest DNS
Click Find Fastest DNS.
It will start finding the fastest DNS server. Wait until it stops searching the fastest DNS.
DNS Fast
Click the highlighted one which is colored with green color and click Apply Fastest DNS.
Internet Speed
Click the green one!
It is nice to have a better Internet connection but there are some cons.

Tips with some weak points

  • Don't depend on only one DNS. You need to change another DNS, if it is becoming too slow.
  • If DNS Jumper makes your Internet connection slower, change your DNS into default.
  • Before you close it, make sure your DNS must be the original one.
  • It works on Windows OS only.
DNS Jumper 1.0.5
Choose Default and Apply DNS.

Choose Stronger and faster DNS

Choose wisely. I would like you to use different DNS because sometimes Google DNS might be down.

Google - DNS 1 : DNS 2 :
OpenDNS - DNS 1 : DNS 2 :
Norton - DNS 1 : DNS 2 :
Comodo - DNS 1 : DNS 2 :

If you like DNS Jumper, please donate money to the developer. He would have a strength and fund to develop new versions.

Conclusion :
Use wisely and carefully. Sometimes DNSJumper causes the current Internet connection slower. I use Dyn DNS server and Google DNS Server. If you have other Internet speed booster for PC and Mac, please comment here. We appreciate your suggestion.


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  3. Informative blog its really a useful guide for those who are looking for some tips to increase the speed of their internet connection ..I followed the steps which you mentioned here and finally checked the speed of my internet through sites like sure the speed of my internet have been increased when compared to my past results ..

    1. Thanks for a piece of advice, sanjith. I only check with SpeedTest which is trusted and very popular.