Thursday, 15 May 2014

Why Your YouTube Video Stucks At 301+ ? - Fixed

Do you know why your YouTube view count stops at 301+ ? This is just a simple problem and no need to worry about that. Your video is not getting any harm if you gets this 301+. In this post, I am going to explain why your video freezes at 301+.  This is not a bug or something like that. Every user who receives more than 300 views may encounter this problem. When you reach 301+, you will be seeing the message as given below :
Views are being verified and will be updated soon

Why Your YouTube Video Stucks At 301+ ?

When you had uploaded the video, it will be getting views for each refresh that is, for every 5 seconds of playing the video. That is, actually when you are using bots, your views will be increasing every 5 seconds. This will go up to 300 views. 300 is a check point set by YouTube and when you reaches 300, your video moves to Level 1 in YouTube. now your YouTube video is under consideration. Now they will take your video's view count and will undergo view filteration.

By filtering your YouTube views, your views are classified into two main types :
  • Organic views.
  • Bot Views.

Organic Views and Bot Views

Organic views are human views that is it counts when it is viewed by a human. A view is recorded as a human view when the video is viewed for more than 30 seconds. All views which are being viewed less than 30 seconds are recorded as bot views.

How To Remove 301+ views ?

There are no software or something like that to break the 301+ check point. But you can escape from that if you are receiving organic views continuously. In the above illustration, I had shown that only 200 views were human and the rest were bot generated views. What actually happens is that after filtration, the resultant views will be just 300. And they will start showing 301+ views. To counter this, you need 100 more human views. After reaching 300 organic views, your video will be given pass to move after the check point :D

Actually, if they finds that your views are genuine, that is human views and non-bot views, your video will be free from the 301+ and your views will get updated soon.

What happens during 301+ ?

When you are seeing the message 301+ and your video continues to be viral on the web, the views which you have got during this period will also added to the resultant views and the updated views will also count views which you have got after 301+.

Do you need to consult online paid services to unfreeze your view count ?

In my opinion, simply no. This is because there is not a software or something like that to crack the YouTube's algorithm and they will unfreeze your view count. They will unfreeze your views and they will say that it will reach upto 1000. This is another way to waste your money and its of no use. 

What online services will do for unfreezing your view count ?

They will unfreeze your view count as they said since you had paid them. But what actually did by them are they will increase your YouTube video view statistics by giving you more views and they will give you 300 organic views that is human views. When YouTube finds that you had got more than 300 organic views, they will remove your 301+ view count. For doing this, what you have to actually do is get some organic views and not to pay them.


This is not just a situation to worry about and if you are sure that you had received organic views, you don't need to worry and it will be updated soon with the added views. I strongly disagree the method of getting YouTube video views from a bot and there is no use of it. I had experienced this situation and that is why I had wrote this post. 


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