Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Best Site To Send The File Privately

Send file
Best site to send the file (in private)
I have got a site which I can send the file privately and it is disposable. When I download from that site, I can resume the downloaded file easily. Some people might share their file in private and quick ways which they can send within 24 hours. It is good for people who dislike advertisement.

I would like you to use DropJiffy for your private files. Your private file isn't exist more than 24 hours. The file exist within 24 hours. The file is disposable and private. This will not share in public such as Mediafire, 4Shared, 2Shared, Tusfiles and etc.

You don't need to have the best internet connection to download the file because it is faster. You don't need to register on DropJiffy to upload a file.

  • Uploaded files are permanently removed after 24 hours.
  • File links are private and non-searchable.
  • All uploads/downloads are SSL encrypted.
  • You can transfer files of sizes up to 200MB.
  • Optional password protection to access files.
  • Deletion links are provided after upload.
  • Unlimited downloads allowed before file expiry.
  • No wait times before the starting of downloads.
  • Downloads can be resumed.
  • No registration required to use the service.
  • Did we say that DropJiffy is 100% FREE?


To upload a file on Dropjiffy, simply touch Click to send file with green button.

Click to select file with Green button

Choose your file by yourself. After choosing your file, you need to click Start Upload. My example file is Drojiffy.png.
Upload site
Click Start Upload with red button.
You have uploaded the file successfully. Select the link and email to the person within 24 hours. You can also delete the file with link.
Resumable link
Select the download link


You will see like this with expire countdown.
With expire countdown

Click Start Download with red button.
Start Download

Conclusion :

In my opinion, DropJiffy is one of my favorite uploading website. The weak point is the file is expired after 24 hours. Number of download is not limited but you can download after the file is expired. You can leave comment here. We would be appreciate for some advice from you. Peace!

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